Our Ongoing Efforts

As a leading food company, Patriot employs traditional values with contemporary practices to ensure we are catering to the Food Service Industry — and the global food community — in a responsible, sustainable way. Like our pickles, we go green; Patriot proudly recycles all of our cardboard boxes and plastic containers. We also utilize LED lights to minimize electrical use. We also collaborate with Green Power Developers, using solar panels to save energy and minimize our carbon footprint.

Save the Juice!

Patriot generates a great amount of brine to flavor and enrich our pickles. While some of the excess liquid could go to waste, Patriot proudly repurposes this brine into PickleAde, an all-natural pickle juice that replaces electrolytes, aids in rehydration and reduces muscle cramps. PickleAde is the perfect accompaniment for workouts and is a sustainable way to reenergize. Try it here today.