Our Brands

Patriot is the parent company to a number of exceptional pickle brands. We’re proud to introduce them below, and visit each of their websites for more information.

A family-run business for over 75 years, K&Z is based in Camden, New Jersey. From soaking pickles in brine in their garage to opening up southern New Jersey’s only pickle factory, Kaplan and Zubrin are pickling icons Patriot is proud to work with.

Originating in Worcester, Massachusetts, Regal Crown Foods has been a leading pickle manufacturer for over 30 years. Today, Regal’s classic New England flavor profiles are produced at our state-of-the-art facility in Wayne, New Jersey.

Natural Harvest crafts healthy, low-sodium, and gourmet pickles from handpicked cucumbers, flavoring them with the finest ingredients. Try them here today.

Save the juice! To strengthen our commitment to sustainability, PickleAde utilizes our excess brine and employs it as an Old World remedy for replacing electrolytes, which aid in hydration and reduce muscle cramps.